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Welcome to
Jet-A-Pet International 

Door-to-Door Pet Relocation Services

JET-A-PET International Offers Prompt, Reliable & Trusted Pet Relocation Service

At Jet-A-Pet International, we  aim to make your move as easy and seamless as possible. We work with you to customize your pet's travel arrangements and put you in touch with experienced, background-verified and user-rated pet transporters. 

We’ll work whenever our clients need us, offering worry-free, quality service at a great price. Contact us today and let's get your loved pet get where you need to go - safely and with care.

Call Us for any Questions you may have about your Pet Relocation needs.

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Smart Phone Outline
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We treat every animal as our own.

Call Us for any Questions you may have about your Pet Relocation needs


Your Go-To Pet Relocation Experts

Are you planning a move to another country?

Check out all universally acceptable airline kennels below.

Jet-A-Pet is your pet's personal travel agent.

We offer both Domestic U.S. and International services for your loved pets. We have expert knowledge of the rules and current regulations of all countries and will, once you retain our services, advise you of not only these rules but as to the vital time frame in which you need to abide by in order to transport your pet on the desired date. The most important and best advice we can give is to contact us as much in advance as possible.

Are you planning to move to another State or Country?

With all the details you have to consider when planning a move, let Jet-A-Pet take the burden off you by arranging your pet's transport from start to finish for you. Are you having trouble trying to figure out what airline will fly your pet from Point A to Point B? We are familiar with which airlines accept animals, where their hubs are, the best route to take, and the size aircrafts they use (not all aircrafts can hold large kennels or bigger).​ We will choose the most direct, low cost air route possible to ensure your pet's comfort without sacrificing their safety.

Further, every shipment is unique. We custom tailor your pet's relocation services in order to meet your exact needs.

Jet-A-Pet Travel Services

Jet A Pet International_Moving-With-Dog.

Full Service

JET-A-PET makes the flight arrangements for you! We pick up your pet at your own residence/origin, obtain the health certificate, tender it to the airline in advance and pick them back up at your final destination.

Please Note: Same day pick up and tender at the point of origin will depend on the time needed to drive and obtain the Health Certificate.

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Our Airport-to-Door transport service.

We will make the flight arrangements. You will meet our certified agent at the airport at the origin destination and we tender to the airline, pick-up at the destination airport and we deliver to the final destination.

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Our Door-To-Door transport service.

Similar level of service from our Full Service VIP offering. Only difference is the Health Certificate, which will need to be obtained by you.

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Our Airport-To-Airport transport service.

We will make the flight arrangements, you will meet our agent at the airport at the origin, we will tender to the airline, and you will collect upon arrival.

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Our Door-To-Airport transport service.

We will make the flight arrangements, we pick-up at your residence at the origin, we will tender to the airline.  All you have to do is collect your pet upon arrival!

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Wherever your destination is, we provide service worldwide.

Jet-A-Pet is in tune to your concerns and worries when it comes to relocating your pets but, rest assured we'll be there for you every step of the way. We will answer any questions you may have or just simply ease your mind. Relocating pets is our business and our purpose is to provide the best possible service. Here at Jet-A-Pet our main objective is to ensure your pet's relocation is smooth and hiccup free!

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Call Us for any Questions you may have about your Pet Relocation needs

Our Services


Meet Our Jet-A-Pet Team

Since our founding in 1978, the professionals at Jet-A-Pet have been dedicated to the care and comfort of animals. One call to 888-JET-A-PET is all it takes to arrange safe and comfortable transport of your pet to anywhere in the world.


With everything you have to worry about when moving, we will give you the peace of mind that you no longer have to worry about the details regarding relocating your furry friends. Jet-A-Pet will happily take the responsibility to safely and comfortably transport your pets.

Jet A Pet International_Mel.jpg

Mel Goldman

Founder, European Specialist

Jet A Pet International_Lisa.jpg

Lisa Strode - Schmidt

Operations Manager,

Australia & New Zealand Specialist

Jet A Pet International_Marcie.jpg

Marcie Goldman

Northeast U.S. Specialist

Daughter of the founders of JET-A-PET, is our agent in Portland, Maine. Marcie has been around dog shows and kennels most of her life. Marcie is a graduate of the University of Colorado and when she's not "Getting Her Mojo On", she's helping Jet-A-Pet get pets in/out of or making a connection in Maine.

Jet A Pet International_Cheyenne.jpg

Cheyenne Pereira

Central/South America & UK


Our latest addition to the Jet-A-Pet team. Cheyenne joined us in October 2015, and is our Central, South America & UK specialist. An avid animal lover, she has worked in the pet sitting/dog walking industry for the past 10 years which includes working with many exotic animals. She is a premier K9 Handler.

Jet A Pet International_Leigh.jpg

Leigh Smith

Asia Specialist

Joined the JET-A-PET team in 2006 after working for fifteen years as a Vet Technician at the Veterinary Center in New York City. Leigh is our Asia specialist, residing in Cleveland, Ohio. She has extensive experience shipping to China, Japan, and Bahrain to name just a few of the Asian countries.

100% Safety Record

We take every detail of your pets move into consideration to ensure a safe arrival. Your pet's safety is our number 1 priority!

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Here at JET-A-PET we will do as much, or as little as you need. We custom tailor each client's services to meet their precise needs.

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Our Worldwide


We are united with a worldwide network of Pet Transportation Experts who will assist with your pet's big move.

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The rules and regulations associated with importing pets into another country can be complicated and they change often. Here at Jet-A-Pet we keep ourselves up-to-date and have a comprehensive knowledge of all country requirements.

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Beware of Pet-Related Internet Scams. 

The CDC has learned that internet scammers are falsely representing themselves as CDC employees in emails to US citizens. We urge all our clients to follow the CDC's guidelines and only use sources you can trust! Follow the link above to learn more.

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